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The Bureau des Guides will be able to tell you about these routes or offer you accompanied walks giving you an opportunity to explore the natural environment.

Les Granges de Notre Dame de la Gorge
Degree of difficulty: easy
Highest altitude: 1,360 m
Start: Notre Dame de la Gorge car park
Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
The Granges de Notre Dame de la Gorge are located to the south of the village and from here you can take in the whole of the Val Montjoie to the north at a single glance, and then to the north-east there is also the Mont Blanc Massif with the main peaks overhanging Les Contamines: the Aiguille de Bionnassay (4,050 m), the Domes de Miage (3,370 m).

Saint Nicolas de Veroce
Degree of difficulty: easy
Highest altitude: 1,180 m
Start: the hamlet of Quy
Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes
Follow in the footsteps of the valley's former inhabitants, back in the days before the village of Les Contamines became a separate municipality in its own right and was still the upper part of Saint Nicolas. Stop off for a while to visit the village's baroque church and admire the numerous peaks of the Mont Blanc Massif on the other side of the valley.

La Cote d'Auran
Degree of difficulty: not very difficult
Highest altitude: 1,350 m
Start: Tre la Tete car park
Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes
Located in the Les Contamines natural reserve, this route will offer you a unique panoramic viewpoint over the village and Mont Joly. The path will take you through a forest environment highly typical of the kind found on the mountain terraces: spruces and larches, sycamore maple, etc.

Le Cret: a variant of the Cret Derriere
Degree of difficulty: easy from the Cret Devant
Highest altitude: 1,200 m
Start: Espace Animation car park
Time: 2 hours
The route is closed if the fields at the Espace Animation starting point are not covered in snow.

Degree of difficulty: easy
Highest altitude: 1,500 m
Start: hamlet of Le Baptieu
Time: 2 hours
An ideal jaunt taking you off to the snow-covered mountain pastures at an altitude of 1,500 metres. A magnificent panoramic viewpoint over the whole of the Mont Blanc Massif the peak of which you will be able to see between the Domes de Miage and the Aiguille de Bionnasay. Do not go any further than the first houses in Colombaz.

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